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Extend desktop power to the internet to provide much richer & faster Silverlight UI, and by- design security with VWG RIA Platform. Develop with simple WISIWYG form designer, design with point & click graphic designer and simply deploy.
Silverlight minority report like UI with VWG
See Visual WebGui for Rich .NET Ajax

Power for Silverlight Applications

Visual drag and drop development experience of rich UIs with WYSIWYG designer.
Performance & Responsiveness:
'On Server' Silverlight leaves the browser with the presentation & user interaction tasks only.
All sensitive data is kept 'On Server' so it is never transferred to the browser.
VWG enables Silverlight to interact, introp, and integrate DHTML resources including Rich text editor.
Silverlight Applications

Simple, intuitive Web design tool
Visual WebGui Point & Click Visual Designer preview presents a ground breaking simple, intuitive developer/designer interface to
creating advanced, customized, and creative customer-facing Web user interfaces (UIs) in DHTML or Silverlight without any need to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript or XAML.
Web development & UI

Visual WebGui Announcements

 Visual WebGui On-Server AJAX / Silverlight News Feed 
 Visual WebGui On-Server AJAX / Silverlight News Feed 

Download Visual WebGui over SilverlightDownload Visual WebGui over Silverlight SDK Today (see Downloads).

Silverlight Charting
Silverlight Charting

Develop once deploy DHTML-Silverlight side by side
Visual WebGui decoupled GUI architecture allows developers a choice of standard DHTML or Silverlight, side by side presentation layers.
In our vision we see the VWG - Silverlight combination as a perfect way for enterprises to develop real world applications, without compromising on productivity, security, eye candies and backwards compatibility to non Silverlight enabled clients. With that we see the enormous potential Silverlight has to change the way we think of web interfaces.
Silverlight SDK

Visual WebGui Tutorials

Desktop applications migration to the web
Visual WebGui RIA Platform architecture also provides for legacy VB6 and WinForms migration to web on the same MVC architecture without rewrite, as well as standalone off line or smart client running. VWG Outlook-like Webmail project - Gizmox created an Outlook-like email management web application with desktop responsiveness & productivity in one month and only one developer.
Migration Tool
Outlook-like Web UI

58 out-of-the-box Silverlight controls
Visual WebGui over Silverlight SDK offers close to 58 'out of the box' controls implemented for Silverlight available until now only to desktop developers. Visual WebGui's flexibility allows the customization of existing controls and the development of new controls.
Silverlight Controls

Outlook-like Webmail demo

The empty client approach
The binding mechanism provides multiple events and over-ridable methods that make custom development of controls and capabilities real simple. It basically frees the developer completely of the need to expose services, consume services or manipulate data on the client. It makes it possible to implement the empty client approach that VWG brings with it and to enjoy the multiple benefits it entails.
Empty Client

Visual WebGui Links

Download Visual WebGui framewordDownload Latest Visual WebGui Silverlight SDK Today (see Downloads).

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